No. You cannot apply directly to SBA for PPP loans. Even if you submit a PPP loan request on, you will be redirected to one of SBA’s partners. Note that to apply for PPP loans, you need to complete your application with one of SBA’s partners, and once it has all the required information and documentation, it will be finalized and submitted to a lender in the partner’s approved PPP lender marketplace.

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was established by the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) during the COVID-19 pandemic to aid small businesses and nonprofits in the U.S. with potentially forgivable, government-backed loans. However, while the primary aim of the PPP was to help U.S. small businesses remain operational through COVID-19-related business interruptions, the PPP stopped taking loan applications on May 31, 2021.

A good number of banks were authorized to issue loans, but several SMEs were finding it difficult to apply for PPPs through the banks’ open online portals. Aside from the issue of accessibility, a good number of these banks required a prior customer relationship with a future borrower to accept or even process their application.

Moreover, it was not possible to track the application status at all banks in the country. A list of PPP Online Lenders came to the rescue as prescribed and approved by SBA 7 (a).

Individuals or businesses that have had their application submitted to SBA by their lender can create an account in the SBA Capital Access Financial System (CAFS) to monitor their loan status and also get account enrollment instructions. However, if you are not certain about your PPP loan status, or if your PPP loan application has been flagged due to data anomalies, you will still have to reach out to your lender and not directly to SBA.

What are the Best Places to Apply for PPP Loans?

If you are looking for some of the best places to apply for PPP loans that will offer comfort, ease, and convenience, here are the top options to consider.

  1. BlueVine

This is one of the best options to consider as they offer online business finance solutions such as credit business lines, invoice finance, and corporate check accounts. BlueVine remains one of the top non-banking PPP Online Lenders that participated in the new PPP round. They have an easy-to-access website that provides all the necessary information about PPP eligibility to all borrowers.

  1. Fundera

As an online broker or intermediary, Fundera strives to eradicate the often challenging and confusing loan application process from your hands. Note that this makes it a suitable location for processing PPP loan applications. They are renowned for their expertise in handling the 2nd round of PPP applications and collaborate with two banks, Cross Riverbank and First Home Bank, to process the applications.

  1. Kabbage

According to reports, this leading fintech PPP Online Lenders was first in line to offer PPP loans to SMEs. Purchased by American Express, they offer existing loans through the new company K Servicing. The company’s website notes that borrowers who obtain a PPP loan through Kabbage PPP Online Lenders can apply for a second draw loan.

  1. Square

Some time ago, the SBA approved three Fintech Companies to help in processing PPP applications – PayPal, Intuit, and Square. While this lender somehow encountered fewer requests, it was still accepting applications when the other two stopped. Owing to that, several borrowers depended on Square for easy processing of PPP loans.

  1. SmartBiz

SmartBiz is renowned as one of the most reliable and prolific PPP Online Lenders that offer SBA and bank loans. Note that they help to simplify the process of applying for these types of loans. While it has not participated in accepting applications for the new round of PPP funding,  its website has a downloadable list of the documents required to apply for a PPP loan.

  1. PayPal

Regarded as one of the best PPP Online Lenders, note that they accept claims through the Loan Builder Program and the loan application is processed through WebBank, the FDIC’s insured lender, who has created the process of applying for and obtaining forgiveness in PPP. PayPal is popularly known for processing and servicing loan applications in record time with its customer-friendly features and massive infrastructure.

  1. Harvest Small Business Finance

Harvest Small Business Finance remains a subsidiary of Medalist Partners which is well renowned for offering Real Estate Loans. Officially termed as a non-banking SBA 7 (a) Lender, Harvest Small Business Finance is known to make available commercial mortgages and offer PPP loans in the first and second rounds.

  1. Boefly

Boefly is noted as one of the PPP Online Lenders that is backed by Connect One Bank and has conveniently helped many with their PPP applications and communicated very well with their clients all through the process. Although a relatively small firm not very well-fitted to handle a massive number of applications, have it in mind that the customer service of Boefly remains one of the best out there.

According to reports, they have an explicitly clear process to initiate the PPP application, and borrowers wouldn’t have to contend with any technical or physical issues when it comes to their loans.

  1. Lendio PPP Online Lenders

Lendio boasts of having an online lending market with a network of over 300 SBA-approved financial institutions and online lenders to help SMEs secure funding. Reports have it that they promoted an $8 billion PPP loan through funding for the CARES Act in 2020 and participated in the second round as well. To leverage their expertise, you will have to submit your PPP loan applications on the Lendio website.

  1. Credibly

They are renowned as of the most viable PPP Online Lenders that make available working capital loans, dealer cash advances, business expansion loans, and other lending solutions. Note that by providing these COVID-19 Relief Loans directly to the enterprise, they have guaranteed successful participation in the PPP first round and EIDL loans.


You need to understand that the SBA is not a lender and you do not have to request a loan through or its partner to access PPP funds. Note that once a lender has accepted and processed your application, you will get an email assigning you a PLP number (preferred lending partner number).

This number means that you are in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s loan system and the lender that processed your application will be the only lender allowed to give you a PPP loan.