Are you in need of a small business loan? Do you want to apply for small business loans for women but you don’t know how to get started? Are you about applying for a business loan and you want to learn how to increase your chances of success? Then read on. In the past, when one speaks the word “Boss” – it automatically pertains to a man who runs a business.

However, times have already changed. Today, this term may not necessarily mean only a male employer anymore; and the reason is because more and more women are already venturing into the world of business. For this reason, more and more agencies or institutions that offer small business loans for women are also on the rise.

Applying for Small Business Loans for Women and Succeed

Applying for small business loans for women is a good decision because it provides a woman enough funds to start up her own entrepreneur project or grow her existing business and eventually gain money and even financial freedom.

On the other hand, before applying for a business loan, you must act with keenness and good decision-making skills. This is to increase your chances of getting the loan you so desire. In this article, i will be highlighting four easy steps that a willing business woman should take before applying into any agency that provides small business loans for women.

These four essential procedures are as follows: However, you must bear in mind that this article is a follow-up of an in-depth guide i wrote about small business financing.

How to Apply for Small Business Loans for Women and Succeed

Step 1: Check your assets and liabilities

In other words, every woman applying for a business loan should check her strengths and weaknesses first. It is advisable for the woman to ask herself these questions:

  • Do I have a good credit report?
  • Did I pay previous lenders the amount as stated in our contract?
  • Do I have the capacity to pay back the funding I will receive from granted small business loans for women?
  • Do I have collateral?

These simple questions are necessary in determining whether you are capable of applying for a loan, and whether the lender will most likely approve your application or proposal.

Step 2: Identify the lender

The lender and the borrower must complement each other. The loan applicant should be able to find an agency or institution that grants small business loans for women whose criteria suits her business plan or proposal. For small businesses, it is a good move to also choose small lending agencies or banks.

If the lender’s criteria are too high for your capacity, the available option is to get a good and trusted broker (preferably someone you know). If there aren’t any lenders or even a broker, getting a commercial mortgage broker is the last resort.

Step 3: Sell yourself… or the proposal

When applying for small business loans for women, the lender will definitely throw out questions and usually, the successful applicants are those who know their numbers well and who are well prepared for these questions. So sell yourself to the lender, and be prepared!

Step 4: Don’t quit

Finally, a positive outlook towards the business loan can make all the difference. If your proposal gets denied, it’s never an option to give up. Although it may be difficult to have small business loans for women get approved, it is not impossible. Determination, willingness, and perseverance should be practiced.


It is no longer news that lack of capital is a business challenge that most women entrepreneurs face. The good news however is that there are small business loans for women that are available in almost everywhere. Although it may not be easy to get a loan approved, with the right strategy and attitude, anything is possible!