First, you need to understand that the SBA has no facility for borrowers to check the status of their PPP loans. Truth be told, contacting the SBA to check the status of any of the loans you applied for can be a bad idea as you will likely not get any tangible answer.

If you are looking to check the status of your SBA loan, there are different methods for different loans, and some methods of checking loan application status can be more effective than others. While you can leverage different methods to check your loan status, note that the information you need to check the status of your PPP loan application will depend on how you applied for the loan in the first place.

If, for instance, you applied via, you will have to enter your login information for the application portal. You will also need to have whatever information you provided in the application process to ensure that you can expressly check the status of your application in case a representative asks for it.

If you applied for a PPP loan directly from your bank or other lenders, you will have to comply with the specific steps stipulated by your lender to check your application status. When checking your application status through your bank or another lender, you must have whatever information you provided on your original application just in case your lender asks for it again.

Different Ways to Check Your PPP Loan Status With SBA

There are two main ways to check your PPP loan status. They include;

  1. Contact Your Bank Or Lender

This is indeed the most viable way to check the status of your PPP loan. Have it in mind that lenders choose when to submit individual PPP loan applications to SBA. Owing to that, any questions or concerns that have to do with individual PPP loan applications will need to be directed to your lender. ]

If you have had your application submitted to SBA by your lender, then you can create an account in the SBA Capital Access Financial System (CAFS) to monitor your loan status. If you are not certain about your PPP loan status, or if your PPP loan application has been flagged due to data anomalies, reach out to your lender to get more information.

Have it in mind that each lender will have its own policies when it comes to PPP loans being tracked, therefore you will have to reach out to your specific lender directly for more information. Most often, banks and lenders make available online information and portals to make tracking your PPP loan quick and convenient.

  1. Contact The SBA Directly

Owing to the massive volume of SBA loan requests and the problems the SBA has to deal with when it comes to meeting business demand for emergency assistance, this option can be a bad idea. Have it in mind that the institutional capacity of the SBA to adequately respond to a disaster of this magnitude has been adequately efficient.

However, a good number of individuals have been able to obtain meaningful information from an SBA representative concerning the status of their PPP loan application. To contact the SBA directly, here are modes and options to consider;

a. Visit an SBA District Office

Note that SBA has over 60 District Offices around the country that offer assistance and guidance to small businesses in their area. Aside from that, the agency also aligns with so many local organizations to counsel, mentor, and train small businesses through their official Resource Partners: SCORE mentors, Women’s Business Centers, Small Business Development Centers, and Veterans Business Outreach Centers.

You can leverage SBA’s local assistance directory to locate the SBA District Office or Resource Partner service location nearest you. You can visit the office to obtain more information on your PPP loan status.

b. By Phone

Also, note that you can find out the status of your PPP application by phone. However, this option is only available to those who submitted their application online or by mail. Call 1-800-659-2955 (the SBA Disaster Assistance customer service center) about the application process, the status of your loan, or any other questions you may have.

If you submitted your application via the COVID-19 portal, the SBA will reach out to you, but you may be able to get answers by calling the toll-free number. Even if your application was submitted via mail, you can still leverage this toll-free number to find out the status of your loan, as you won’t have a username and password to log onto the online portal.

c. By Email

This is also another way to contact the SBA to know more about the status of your loan or to inquire about the PPP program. However, all emails should be directed to the disaster assistance customer service team at

You are advised to leverage this inquiry mode if you have additional questions about the program or submitted your application by mail. If not, it is recommended you stick to using the online portal to check the status of your loan.


It can be quite challenging to check the status of your PPP loan. However, note that the quickest method to check your PPP loan application status and get good information is to use the appropriate online portal. It is imperative you first identify the correct portal to use.

For PPP loans, you can use the portal provided by the bank you applied with. Once you have noted the right portal, you must have both your login credentials and your PPP loan number.